Frequently Asked Questions

Why a book sleeve?

The simple answer is this; it protects your books from the elements in the world. The book sleeve prevent your covers and pages of your most prized possessions from bent and close calls such as spilling coffee.. YIKES! Keep them looking brand new plus they are a fun accessory to have!

Can I use my book sleeves to store other stuff? 

The answer is WHY NOT? Our book sleeves are padded making them perfect for items like iPad, phones, tablets, kindle. With a zipper it can be easily use to organize cords for computers, charging cables or wires before putting them in your bags. Put your makeup in them to protect them when you are on the move. You can even put your polaroid camera in them. Literally, the sky is the limit! 

Can I wash my book sleeves or tote bags? 

I do recommend you spot clean and air dry should you need to clean them. After washing, they come back but we cannot promise that will come back the same. Pun intended. 

Are your book sleeves and tote bags waterproof? 

Yes! I make them all with a waterproof inner lining. 

Are your tote bags reversible? 

Why yes! Kudos to you for being so observant! Tip: If it is raining extremely heavily, take out your stuff, turn the bag in side out and put your stuff back in ! 

How quickly will my order ship?

 All our items are made to order. We can only make your item when we receive your order. Therefore, please allow up to two weeks before shipping.

Do you have expedited shipping? 

Yes, we offer same day delivery. However, your items will still need 2 weeks turn around time to be made. 

Are you able to make my orders first ? 

🔥 Your orders are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, should you require them urgently, drop me an email at to check if I can accommodate. I will try my best but I cannot always promise I will be able to do so.  :) 

Is this specific product in stock? 

 All our items are made to order. If you see a particular design that you like but is sold out, you may contact me at for further information. 

Do you sell wholesale? 

Yes, I always welcome wholesale orders. Please fill in this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible with our line sheet and ordering process

Do you take custom orders? 

Yes, I do take custom orders. However, the turn around time for such orders would take longer time to process. You may contact me at for further information.

What are your return and exchange policies?

Please view our policies here.

What are your shipping rates?

Please view our shipping rates at our shipping page.

Do not see your queries here? 

Not to worry we are happy to help. Please contact me at