Welcome to KayithJ! (Pronounced "Kay-ith-Jay")
I’m Jo, the creator and owner of KayithJ
In case you’re wondering, the business name is a combination of my two daughters’ names, Kathy and Faith, plus my name, which starts with a J.
We love to read!

Ever since my girls were babies, I tried to cultivate in them a passion for reading. Even to   this day, every night before they go to sleep, we read together: first a page or two from their children's Bible, and then any book of their choosing.
I hope their love for reading will stay with them into their adulthood. :) 
I encourage my girls to cherish and respect their books
as if they were personal friends!
Did you know…?
  • Reading with your kids strengthens the parent/child bond?
  • Giving your kids book-related gifts helps cultivate the joys of reading from a young age?
  • Boys and girls who love to read grow up to be men and women who love to read?
  • Confident readers tend to get better grades and have a proclivity for continuing into higher education?

All these things are true!

A few years ago, I decided to sew each of my daughters a pouch to help them carry their books while we were out and about. The girls adored them and took great pride when showing them off to their friends and classmates.

Several weeks later, I concluded I needed a “mom-sized” pouch to transport my own books and electronic devices, so I made myself one too! People began stopping me in the street and asking where I had bought these pretty and practical pouches.

Well, one thing led to another, and you can guess the rest of the story — I’m now making these pouches for book lovers, device-users, and busy moms and dads all over the world.

Why KayithJ?

Finding the perfect gift is challenging!
  • Do your parents and other relatives say things like, “We don’t want any presents this year; having you visit us is enough!"?  
  • Is the colleague you picked for the Secret Santa office pool someone you know well enough to buy a gift for?
  • Are your nieces or nephews growing up so fast that you have no idea what they’d consider to be a “good” gift?  

We can help solve your gift-giving dilemmas!

KayithJ has the perfect gifts for book lovers of all ages! 
Providing functional and stylish products is something we strongly believe in.  
KayithJ creates sturdy tote bag design and handmade in Singapore that are different than conventional mass-marketed bags found at the mall. 

Our bags feature:

  • An inner pocket especially sized for storing and protecting cell phones from scratches
  • Enough space for other items: laptops, snacks (yum!), and of course, books!
  • Bookish designs and whimsical prints. (Collectible!)
  • Handmade construction designed to last for years
  • Waterproof canvas lining

Fun gifts for the bibliophile or the hobbyist reader

Check out our other quirky and whimsical products for book lovers!
Our creations are so pretty and functional that we’re sure you’ll enjoy using them during your busy days!

Giving a gift from the heart is a beautiful thing.
Seeing a smile of happiness and gratitude is priceless!